Ludwick Marishane, The Maverick Transforming Entrepreneurship

Ludwick Marishane is one of the most representative figures of South Africa’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Ludwick, also known as the business scientist, invented DryBath®, a revolutionary water-saving solution, and is the driving force behind Headboy Industries, a disruptive product development and commercialization firm. His impressive foray into business ownership […]

7 Rookie Mistakes in Real Estate Investing

As more and more individuals realise that real estate is one of the most secure methods to amass long-term wealth, the market continues to experience steady growth. Investing in real estate may be a thrilling and financially rewarding experience if you avoid common mistakes. New investors are vulnerable to many […]

Key Success Factors for Sustainable Tourism in South Africa

Sustainable tourism is an emergent and prosperous field in South Africa that merges economic advancement with environmental preservation. This has been written to ensure the financial health of businesses, a principle especially critical to the burgeoning sustainable tourism sector. Through meticulous financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting, a sustainable tourism enterprise […]