Install a Digital CCTV Security System

Install a Digital CCTV Security System

To install CCTV security system you will need an experienced technician as there are lengths of wires that need to be run from cameras to recorders, however with the use of a computer in the modern day, the CCTV security system can be installed by nearly anyone. The CCTV security system is affordable and comes in a box and is set to go.

You will need to decide if you want to monitor the security system via the use of the Internet. If this is what you choose then you need to ask Internet provider for static IP address. A standalone digital video recorder or your wireless capable computer will be able to record if needed.

You will need to know the number of cameras you require so you need to survey the area. You can find security systems that that have 1 to 4 cameras and you can buy them at most home and electronic stores. You can also commence with one or two cameras and expand if needed. With a wireless camera you will need an electrical outlet so it works. You need to make sure that the outlet cannot be seen or is hidden so no one can unplug it.

If you are using your computer then you will need to install the software or you will need to turn on your DVR and allow it to boot. If it is software that you are installing you will need to follow the commands. For safety reasons you will need your IP address, user name and your chosen password.

You will then to need to mount your camera and plug it in and point it in the direction you need. Ask someone to look at the display when you are doing this so you can adjust the camera direction until you get the coverage you need. On the software you should label the camera so that you can remember which is which camera. Then proceed to put in the rest of the cameras for your security system.

Once everything is installed you will need to check your security system by bringing up a browser. In the browser type in the static IP address. You ought be taken to a login sheet where you will enter your secure information. Then the software appears where you can choose which camera to view and check what has been recorded. You then have your own security system and you can feel that just bit safer as you will be able to what is happening.