New Golden Visa Opportunities To Bali

Bali, the sought-after island nestled off Indonesia’s coast, is renowned as an earthly paradise. Now, with the introduction of Golden Visas, this island haven is gearing up to embrace a more diverse, global community. The Enchantment of Bali Soon, foreign nationals could find themselves basking in Bali’s charms for an […]

Japan’s Unique Addressing System

Did you know? Most Japanese streets whisper their tales without a name. Navigating Japan’s bustling streets can feel like a riddle to an outsider. Unlike the Western world, where each road boasts a name, Japan has a unique approach: they number blocks, leaving the spaces between to weave stories. Now, […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests.  If you’re reading this, I hope it’s in the spirit of joyous anticipation and not a nerve-wracking curiosity. Remarkably, the practice of using urine to detect pregnancy isn’t just a modern-day phenomenon. It dates back to 1350 BC if you can believe it! (See the “Historical Glimpse” section […]

A “Mouth-to-mouth” Seal is Not Necessary for CPR

False: “Mouth-to-mouth” ventilations between chest compressions are an essential part of CPR. In reality, the American Heart Association’s 2010 guidelines changed the landscape of CPR. The outdated “15 chest compressions then 2 breaths” or “30 compressions then 2 breaths” techniques are no longer recommended. The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation […]

A Guide To Cannabis and Munchies

Ever had that insatiable craving for a hefty plate of jollof rice after enjoying some quality cannabis? Or maybe you’ve found yourself wolfing down an unlikely pairing of fried plantain with peanut butter? If these scenarios ring true, you’re not alone. Cannabis is infamous for spurring a ravenous appetite, but […]