Finding Affordable Fitness Solutions

According to recent reports from Business Tech, South Africans are adjusting their spending habits, cutting back on non-essential services such as DStv and gym memberships in response to financial strains. The latest survey conducted by InfoQuest indicates a significant decline in gym memberships, with nearly a quarter of individuals terminating […]

Which Word Is Correct, Math or Maths?

The perplexing divergence between “math” and “maths” usage remains a linguistic puzzle, reflecting the intricate differences in American and British English. Beyond spelling preferences, this debate unravels the underlying complexity of language evolution and cultural adaptation, prompting an exploration of its historical roots and contemporary implications. No Clear Winner Contrary […]

UIF Launches Free Mobile App for Swift Access

In a bid to enhance service efficiency, the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) introduces a user-friendly mobile app and USSD platform, empowering clients with seamless access to essential benefits and services. December Delight: R1 Billion Disbursed to UIF Recipients Amidst the December 2022 festivities, the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) disbursed an […]