The Science Behind Why Onions Make You Cry

Understanding Onion Chemistry Onions, a prominent member of the Allium family, possess sulfur compounds absorbed from the soil. Cutting into an onion triggers the release of enzymes, leading to the formation of volatile compounds, including syn-propanethial-S-oxide. This potent gas irritates the eyes, activating the ciliary nerve and prompting tear production […]

What Happens After You Flush?

When you flush your toilet, one might imagine mystical forces come into play, magically making everything disappear. The truth is far more intricate, albeit less magical. While Africa Nova may not have the vast sewer systems of cities like Boston, understanding the wastewater journey is crucial everywhere. Your Toilet’s Immediate […]

The Causes and Solutions For Smelly Armpits

Sweat glands can be classified into two widely recognized categories: Eccrine Sweat Glands: These widely spread glands produce a sterile, diluted electrolyte solution primarily consisting of sodium chloride (NaCl), potassium, and bicarbonate. Continuous secretion serves the purpose of regulating body temperature through evaporative heat loss and maintaining electrolyte balance. Sebaceous […]