Should I Try Intermittent Fasting?

The popularity of intermittent fasting has skyrocketed in recent years. It’s not just something that doctors and dietitians have been thinking about, but it’s been trending on TikTok as well. It has been acclaimed as an excellent weight-loss technique and some data suggests it may reduce inflammation. It’s not a […]

Empowering Men to Confront Their Traumas

Beginning in the rural settings of Phuthaditjhaba in the Free State and ending as a global beacon of hope and perseverance, Fanafikile Lephakha’s life path is an astonishing tale of change. The spirit of Lephakha represents the ability to push through adversity and achieve success. He rowed solo across the […]

Peeps Marvel at R200m Cape Town Home

South Africa’s high-end real estate market is unusually stable during the current economic downturn. Recent events have focused the country’s attention on a spectacular property in Cape Town, which boasts a breathtaking ocean view. The R200 million purchase tag, combined with its breathtaking beauty, sent shockwaves through South African social […]

Vape Smoke Vanishes in Thin Air

If you’re a South African, whether you’re puffing on a vape or merely passing by a cloud of exhaled vapour, the worry about the potential health risks of secondhand vape smoke is far from alien to you. As more people turn to vaping, the issue of secondhand smoke has become […]