Ownership Battles Over Banksy’s Street Art

Imagine waking up to an original Banksy masterpiece adorning your wall! For Dennis Stichcombe of Bristol, this became a reality in 2014 when the elusive street artist, Banksy, transformed an old boarded gateway into his iconic piece, Mobile Lovers. But when art appears on public property, ownership becomes a tangled […]

Which Word Is Correct, Math or Maths?

The perplexing divergence between “math” and “maths” usage remains a linguistic puzzle, reflecting the intricate differences in American and British English. Beyond spelling preferences, this debate unravels the underlying complexity of language evolution and cultural adaptation, prompting an exploration of its historical roots and contemporary implications. No Clear Winner Contrary […]

Why Some Paintings Watch You Closely

Have you ever noticed how certain paintings seem to have an uncanny ability to track your every move in a room? It’s almost as if the eyes in the portrait are silently watching your every step, following you wherever you go. But what’s the secret behind this eerie phenomenon, and […]

Blessing Ngobeni is SA’s Art Visionary

Blessing Ngobeni’s Ascendance Born amidst tumultuous circumstances, Blessing Ngobeni’s early life hinted at potential despair. However, the universe had other plans. His first steps into the world of art merely gave him comfort, showing how powerfully he could speak. He became a voice for many people’s struggles. Art, for Ngobeni, emerged […]