A “Mouth-to-mouth” Seal is Not Necessary for CPR

False: “Mouth-to-mouth” ventilations between chest compressions are an essential part of CPR. In reality, the American Heart Association’s 2010 guidelines changed the landscape of CPR. The outdated “15 chest compressions then 2 breaths” or “30 compressions then 2 breaths” techniques are no longer recommended. The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation […]

Truths History Has to Share About Pirate Legends

Piracy: it’s a subject that’s captured the imagination of countless readers and filmgoers over the years. But the romanticized image of the swashbuckling pirate isn’t always rooted in fact. Let’s demystify some popular pirate myths and provide a clearer view of history. Walking the Plank? Not so Common Contrary to […]

Who Really Knows the Coca-Cola Formula?

Everyone loves a good myth. One that’s been perpetuated with verve is that only two individuals possess the Coca-Cola formula, and they can never meet for fear of the secret being lost. Let’s set the record straight: it’s not true. The legend might have its roots in a Coca-Cola advertisement, […]

Are Human Pheromones a Myth or Reality?

In the intriguing world of animal courtship, the use of pheromones has long been an established phenomenon. From the male silkworm emitting scents to attract mates to the peculiar antics of the male dromedary blowing out its tongue, nature’s strategies are diverse and often astonishing. But What About Human Pheromones? […]